World Book Day and my love of reading …

It all started with Peter and Jane and their red setter, Pat, ‘the dog’ in this book….

peter and jane

I remember those classic Ladybird books as if I had only looked at them yesterday. I remember the repetition, I remember the pictures, I remember the feel of them (slightly soft and a bit crumbly) – I even remember the smell of them (book-ish). Those simple little books instilled in me a love of reading which I have never left.

Today is World Book Day and it has been wonderful to see so many associated events taking place across the UK and Ireland. My Twitter stream is jam-packed with publishers running competitions and give-aways and with authors and readers sharing their love of books and reading.

As a writer, I am perhaps too aware of the current changes taking place within the publishing industry and read, with sadness, regular blog posts and newspaper articles about ‘the decline of the bookshop’ and ‘the closure of libraries’ and depressing stats about how few parents read to their children. So, I am hugely pleased to see how much World Book Day is being supported today.

Having started with the simplicity of Peter and Jane, I am happy to report that my reading skills have progressed over the years and I am currently loving Rose Tremain’s ‘Restoration’, a wonderful book which I can’t believe I’ve never read until now and cannot put down. Earlier this week, I finished another really lovely book: Eva Rice’s ”The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp’ and last month, I wept buskets as I read Cheryl Strayed’s incredible memoir ‘Wild’.



tara jupp


So, please keep reading, keep buying books and keep those vintage Ladybirds in a box in the attic. They are always good for a dose of 70’s nostalgia.



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